CDL Online Class-A Curriculum


Taking online CDL theory training to the next level – 100% in compliance with the FMCSA’s ELDT requirements! Our self-paced Class A curriculum contains all 35 sessions necessary to complete the theory training portion in easy to follow videos with audio narration, test your knowledge quizzes, and a certificate of completion.


Class A CDL driver’s are certified to operate vehicles with a gross combined weight rating of 26001+ pounds such as: Dry Vans, Ocean Containers, Refridgerated Rigs, Heavy Haul Trucks, Flatbeds, Intermodal Trucks, and more!

Class-A (Customizable!) Curriculum Offerings
Each session starts with foundational content introducing students to the Trucking Industry.
The 35 sessions for Class-A cover:
• Session 1: Your Future in Trucking
• Session 2: Dashboard and Gauges
• Session 3: Transmissions
• Session 4: Air Brakes
• Session 5: Electrical
• Session 6: Engines
• Session 7: Drive Train
• Session 8: Steering
• Session 9: Tires and Wheels
• Session 10: Tractors
• Session 11: Vehicle Management Systems
• Session 12: Types of Trailers
• Session 13: Specialized Rigs
• Session 14: Refrigerated Trailers
• Session 15: Coupling and Uncoupling
• Session 16: Putting The Truck In Motion
• Session 17: Driving Techniques
• Session 18: Backing
• Session 19: Safe Driving
• Session 20: Driving Challenges
• Session 21: Handling Doubles and Triples
• Session 22: Auxiliary Brakes
• Session 23: Sliders
• Session 24: Economy Operating
• Session 25: Vehicle Inspection
• Session 26: The Logbook
• Session 27: Cargo Documentation
• Session 28: Loading, Securing, Unloading Cargo
• Session 29: Accidents and Fires
• Session 30: Hazardous Materials
• Session 31: Map Reading
• Session 32: Preventative Maintenance
• Session 33: Getting A Job as A Professional Driver
• Session 34: The Driver’s Life
• Session 35: Continuing Education

Structure and Flow
Our sessions offer clean, audio narrated, captioned videos that are easy to follow. Reinforce and test student knowledge and understanding after each section with a quiz.

Students can quickly and easily access the online content from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device!

Driver’s In Demand
Class A CDL Drivers are in demand across the country. Bumper To Bumper EasyCDL-Online offers best-in-class Online Theory training that students can do from anywhere. Typically, our students partner with an employer, school, and training provider to complete their “”Behind-the-Wheel”” curriculum.

Proud Partnerships
We proudly partner with the National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools (NAPFTDS), Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), the Commerical Vehicle Training Association (CVTA), Texas Trucking Association (TXTA), and the American Trucking Association (ATA) to ensure +C10our materials and offerings maintain the incredibly high standards of compliance that Bumper to Bumper has been known for, for decades.

Try Something Else?
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